• VEX 90819 NJ

90819 Dominates at Monroe!

On Saturday, both teams 90819A and 90819Z attended the Monroe Township High School competition with their Generation Three bots, after a week of solid driver practice and tuning. The competition got off to a great start with 90819Z’s first skills run in over a month; our new bot was able to score 72 points in the driver skills period, good enough for second place in the competition and seventh place in the state of New Jersey. Our good fortune continued throughout the qualification matches, when 90819A went undefeated and was able to secure its position as the first seed heading into elimination. They selected team 2616J from Cherry Hill East High School to form the first alliance and received a first round bye. 90819Z did not fare as well in qualifications, due to a few strokes of bad luck and close matches, but still performed well enough to be selected by team 2616Z, again of Cherry Hill East High School, and form the fourth alliance. Both alliances were able to breeze through the opening rounds of the elimination bracket before facing off in the semifinal round. Both teams competed fiercely, but ultimately 90819Z was unable to overcome both the joint skill of 90819A and 2616J and the inauspicious and unlucky breaking of their alliance partner’s roller chain; 90819A advanced to the finals, where, at last, they were able to become tournament champions, after a well played match. Finally, our good day would become even better, when team 90819A was awarded with their first ever Excellence award, and 90189Z secured their qualification for states through their skills performance and the double qualification of team 2616J. It is safe to say that this was our best competition yet! Both teams will be competing once more before states at Cherry Hill on February 22nd and hope to build upon our recent success. Check out our youtube channel for the match videos, and stay tuned for more!

90819A's Final Match:

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