• VEX 90819 NJ

90819 Rocks Millburn; A Qualifies for States

The first competition of the New Jersey 2019-2020 VEX Tower Takeover is finally over! This was our debut competition and we succeeded massively overall. 90819A "The Zookeepers" took 3rd place across the board, finishing with a total skills score of 58 and an undefeated record in qualifications. 90819Z "The Zoo" placed 8th in skills, with a score of 21, and 17th in qualifications, with a 3-2 win/loss record. In elimination matches, 90819A allied with 7405P "Phreak Show" from Millburn, and 90819Z allied with 2616Z from Cherry Hill. 90819Z went through to quarterfinals, where they played against sister team 90819A, and lost. 90819A moved on to the semifinals, where they unfortunately lost to the ultimate champions of the event, 2616D and 2616J from Cherry Hill. Because of their skills placing and the outcome of the elimination matches, the skills state spot went to 90819A at this competition. This is amazing news for our brand new team to have qualified at the first competition of the year! Catch us at states!

Check out the 90819A vs 90819Z match below:

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