• VEX 90819 NJ

90819A at Sparta Competition

On Saturday, team 90819A went to Sparta with our brand new Generation Two robot in order to further test and compete, and it was a very interesting competition to say the least. Our members worked overnight from Friday into Saturday morning to complete the robot for competition, so needless to say we did not get much driver practice or autonomous programming done. Once at competition, we kept encountering the same paralyzing issue - the flipout of the rollers and tray was not happening. We barely survived the first two matches with help from our alliance partners, but afterwards we managed to get a working flipout and started actually competing. The robot worked brilliantly, consistently stacking 10-11 cubes without fault. In the elimination rounds, we partnered with 161A from Union High and made it to the semifinals; however, the flipout issue hit us again and we ended up losing the semifinals. Thankfully, we won the Build Award, which really gratified the amount of time we've spent working on this. We have a lot of testing and modification to do before the Ranney competition on 1/18, so stay tuned for more!

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